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Beautiful Tattoos

Note: If you are my mother, father, big sister or similar, please look away now. Thanks.

Now that that’s done, can we talk about tattoos for a moment? Specifically, how much beautiful and inspiring body art is out there? Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of terrible (and downright terrifying) tattoos around too, but overall, I’m a fan.

While I’m currently un-inked (don’t worry Mum!), I’ve long loved the beauty of a carefully chosen, well-placed, subtle bit of body art. And while I’m not saying that I’m going to run out and get one today, I’m also not saying that I’m never going to consider it. In the meantime, I’m happy just to enjoy beautiful images like these and daydream…

Images: BohemianChic, BohemianChic, Into The Gloss’ Instagram, Zebra and Meerkat, Tattoo Mania, cute-tattoo.com, Rodeo Magazine, Owls, etc., TheDawgPound, ignite light

Where do you stand on the whole body art debate? To ink or not to ink? Do any of these subtle designs float your boat?