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Hello friends! Long time, no see.

I’m just popping in to wish you a (belated) Happy Christmas, a Happy New Year, Happy Monday morning in which you (hopefully) don’t have to work, etc. I’m still on my end-of-the-year blogging break, but wanted to assure you all that a) I’m still kicking, and b) I’ll be back here next Monday with a whole new load of posting goodness for 2014.

I should say: I had some big blogging plans for this month. Pre-December, my editorial calendar was full of gift guides, festive decorating ideas and sparkly links. In hindsight, perhaps it was all a bit ambitious for a girl who was out of town every weekend from mid-November, and had two major installs to oversee at work. Oh well: we live and learn, and no doubt 2014 will offer lots of new blogging inspiration for me, which you in turn can enjoy.

Until then, here’s hoping your holidays have been as restful and bright as mine have!

ele x