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  1. Mary

    I love that when you purchase beauty items (or antacid tablets for that matter) at the chemist/farmacia in my husband’s home town in Italy, that they wrap every item instead of just putting it in a simple bag. Back in Canada, I wear a lab coat and safety shoes at work most days so a secret little treat like any of these items would be a nice indulgence.
    From Ryerson to London, what a wonderful story and adventure. I hope you have a great time. Keep dry and we’ll keep warm in TO.

  2. Deareux

    Thank you so much for this info! I’ll be departing for Paris this weekend, and I’m hoping to score some beauty goodies for a bargain (versus the price of them over here in the States). Sephora was an obvious place to visit, but I had no idea the local pharmacies were so stocked up with beauty favorites as well!

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