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  1. Hilary

    I love the way DD-L’s black lapel coordinates with his wife’s dress (which I think is gorgeous) so they’re not too clashy.

    I also especially loved Stacy Keibler (and her new shorter ‘do).

    Did not enjoy Adele’s JP. I appreciate that she flies in the face of trends and dresses for what makes her comfortable, but I’d like to see her in anything that’s not black.

    1. Claire

      I think DDL’s trousers should be a touch longer. But agree is he the best dressed man by leagues, not conicidently he also easily one most attractive and charismatic men.

      And I’m so sick of Adele dressing like Ms. Doubtfire. I get that doesn’t want to play the sexualised Hollywood skinny game but seriously she can do better than wearing black mumus.

  2. Katie O'Keefe

    I am 100% with you for Samantha’s look. No one even mentioned her, and I thought she looked flawless for her first walk down the red carpet. Another favorite of mine no one mentioned was Alicia VIkander…gorgeous!

    1. Claire

      Samantha Barks is so underated! (I actualy have On My Own stuck in my head right now) Her Oscar look is exqusite and you’re the only site, I know of, to post her photo.

  3. MH

    Samantha Barks’ look is everything. Minimal + VNeck + pockets = swooon.

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